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At LevelX Productions, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of services designed to meet your diverse multimedia needs. Our two decades of experience have allowed us to hone our skills in various fields, ensuring that we can bring your creative vision to life. Explore our array of services below:

What We

Multimedia Content Creation

Drawing from over two decades of experience, we excel in creating multimedia content for diverse fields including TV entertainment, drama, theater, news, social media, ads, and TV/web shopping.


Our seasoned professionals offer expert guidance, helping you navigate complex media projects and deliver exceptional results.

Live Streaming

From corporate events to product launches, we offer professional live streaming services that expand your reach and engagement.


Our seasoned directors work closely with talent to ensure exceptional performances that resonate with your audience.

Video Shooting

Our expert videographers capture stunning visuals, ensuring your content is visually striking and engaging.

Video Editing

Our team of experts transforms raw footage into captivating visual stories, ensuring your content stands out.

Graphic Composition

We design captivating graphics that elevate the overall aesthetics of your media projects.

Computer Hardware Sales

We provide tailored hardware solutions, ensuring your equipment is optimized for seamless media production.

Events Management

Let us handle the details. Our events management services ensure your live events run smoothly, leaving you free to focus on your audience.

TV Shows

We offer end-to-end TV show production services, from concept development to post-production.

Podcast Production

LevelX Productions brings your podcast ideas to life, from recording and editing to distribution.


We craft compelling narratives that drive your message home, whether it's for a commercial, documentary, or promotional video.

Lighting and Color Grading

Our meticulous approach to lighting and color grading enhances the visual appeal and impact of your content.


Our skilled photographers capture moments with precision and artistry, delivering striking visual content for various purposes.


Our creative animation adds dynamic elements that engage and entertain your audience.

Experience the Artistry of Media Production, Podcasting, TV Show Creation, Event Management, Expert Video Shooting, and Professional Photography. Trust LevelX Production House to Bring Your Vision to Life.
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